We are always looking for great people who look like they might have fallen right out of a stock photograph. Do you see the way that the server in the photograph above is pointing to a menu item and making eye contact with the woman even though she already has her food? The woman looks happy because someone is paying attention to her. The man - whom we assume is her husband, looks somewhat stiff. It’s probably because he’s wearing a tie. The server is congenial yet assertive. She is pointing out that there are many delicious beers to choose from and should the wine be accidentally spilled on the man’s tie (which appears to be nylon) then she would be happy to return with a Pilsner or an Amber ale. The woman takes the hint.

If this seems like you, friendly, proactive, punctual, witty and indefatigable then we should talk right away because Bricktown Brewery is a great place to work. Just click here to see what positions are available.